A Christmas Card

by breannruthwhite


I told Jared that I was going to write a Christmas card this year. He replied, “When?”, which is a polite reminder to an ambitious person that sometimes you just let go of certain expectations. But I feel inclined to write about this year – to go back and reflect for my own sake. And so. Here is each family member’s short story as told by an overly-ambitious and under-rested person:


Jude: (18 months)

Jude’s year was off to an eventful beginning. He started going to a new day care center last January and wrapped-up there in May. During that time, Jude struggled with asthma, chronic ear infections and reactions to unknown allergies. In April, Jude underwent surgery to receive tubes in his ears and an additional corrective surgery. Since then he has been quite a different kid! In June we learned that Jude is allergic to peanuts, eggs whites, cow milk and soy beans. Learning this has re-framed our way of home cooking and helped keep his reactions at bay.

Lately, Jude’s favorite things are to sit at the table with everyone else while we eat, hoard pacifiers and pester his perfectionist brother. He is a silly guy who loves plopping on my lap for a round of books and hugging people goodbye… so long as he is leaving with his mom. And Jude also would probably want me to add that he loves his blanket, stuffed monkey and all of Porter’s (many) stuffed kitties.


Porter: (5 years)

Porter turned 5 years old on December 12 and will tell you about that if you ask him. He also finished up his time at day care in May and left behind many good memories and friends. He was happy, however, to spend the summer playing with neighbors, fishing at Lake Pahoja, taking his first swim lessons, roasting marshmallows and experimenting with gymnastics. In early fall, Porter started preschool soccer. He was pretty proud to be coached by his dad!

Porter also began his first year of preschool at West Lyon. He loves his teacher and talks frequently about what he is learning at school.

Porter loves to practice writing, draw and color as well as build with Legos and solve puzzles. He still holds dinosaurs, sharks and fresh water fish near and dear to his heart. We are proud of the generosity and kindness he shows to his friends and brother and hope his love of learning and people continues to grow!


Jared: (29 years)

Jared continues to work at DRG in Lester and earned his journeyman plumbing license this spring. He is also making the tri-state area a safer place as the DRG safety officer. You can occasionally find Jared playing music for church, random shows and with friends… or more often, for our children while I make a serious effort to be productive. Jared enjoyed directing the preschool soccer program this fall!

Jared still loves to cook, drink beer, read, walk his dog, spend time in the snow and sit around an open fire.


Breann: (29 years)

I chose to take a break from teaching this year to stay home with our kids. I finished teaching elementary art at Liberty Elementary in Harrisburg SD in the spring. I think of my students frequently and miss them  – especially this time of year when art projects were so festive and fun. I occasionally substitute teach. This fall, I started a home bakery and received a regional small business grant to subsidize some of the expenses. We are all on the learning curve of how to make it work for our family. But overall the bakery has felt like a very unexpected blessing.

I love to read, my alone-time in the kitchen and try and squeeze in that daily run.

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We wish all of you a meaningful and blessed 2018! Lots of love from us!

The Whites